Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Week Bites the Dust!

Well... it's March! So hard to believe that it's been almost two months since my life took a turn so differently from what I had planned/imagined. I've heard that saying before, "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans" ...and my "plans" were to wait until the summer/fall to try to have a baby... that way, I'd have a great opportunity to get hired on in a full-time teaching position and then have a late spring/early summer baby next year. ....But, God had other plans! And while His plans are quite a bit different from mine, I know that He has all things under control, and that all things work together for the good for those that love Him. I am putting my complete faith and trust in Him that He will provide for us over the next several months. Because my job is "temporary", I do not have benefits offered through the Board of Education. Unfortunately, it would be an astronomical amount of money out of our pocket per month for me to go on Jason's health insurance plan. So for now, I've purchased an HMO plan that provides maternity coverage through Aetna healthcare. I won't mention how much I'm paying per month for this insurance (let's just say that it's more than any car payment I've ever had!), but it's worth it to have the necessary insurance to bring this baby into the world in the most healthy way. Tomorrow, I have a screening interview with the Board of Education for potential teaching positions that may come available for next school year. I am fearful, though, because the "call backs" for second interviews will not be until the summer... and I'm so afraid that as soon as I walk through the doors with a 6 or 7 month pregnant belly, they will discriminate against me (even though "legally" I know it isn't possible... but it happens all of the time...). So we'll see what happens!

I'm officially in my 11th week of pregnancy. I completed my 10th week on Monday. Although I have a few random bouts of nausea, I'm feeling pretty well! The fatigue is still there... I crave naps, especially when I get home from work. I have to admit, I've even considered taking a nap in my car when I get off work before driving home because I'm that tired. I guess my body is just so busy making a baby that I'm wearing myself out! In terms of cravings, I'm still a huge fan of fruit... and my newest/latest obsession: egg salad sandwiches on wheat bread. Oh, my, goodness... they are the BEST thing since, well, sliced bread! That pretty much sums up my lunches as of late: an apple, an orange, and an egg salad sandwich!

Another pregnancy symptom that I'm in the process of adjusting to is the increase in emotions! I find myself tearing up at Pampers commercials. PAMPERS COMMERCIALS. I mean, come on. And anytime I even begin thinking about my Nanny, I start to cry. I miss her so much and it breaks my heart that my baby will never know her. I wonder sometimes... if before God sends babies to earth, if maybe our loved ones in heaven get to meet them first? I don't know how it all works... but I just pray that Nanny is watching and is proud. ...Ok, where's my box of tissues?! *sniff sniff*

On a lighter note, I had dinner the other night with a very dear friend of mine, Amy Kiskaddon. I have done pictures for her of her little girls over the last couple of years, and although I never charge her to take the pictures, she always insists on paying me through gifts. At dinner the other night, she presented me with a box of goodies: a black and white quilted tote bag (perfect for use at the hospital or for the baby) and several books that she collected during her pregnancy - and beyond. She also handed down to me a "Pregnancy Countdown Calendar" in the shape of an egg that provides life-size illustrations of the baby from week to week so that you can get a visual idea of how big your baby is and begin bonding.  I've decided that from here on out, I'm going to take my weekly pictures with the egg from the week so that everyone can see how big my baby is in relation to my belly! That way we can all begin bonding with Baby Caudill together.... (((GROUP HUG!)))

Oh, and the other night, one of those sappy (ok, so not really sappy... but cute enough to make me cry) Pampers commercials came on... and Jason looked over at me on the couch and said, "Oh no! I forgot all about diapers! We're going to have dirty diapers to deal with! Ugh..." It was so funny! I guess he's been so in love with the idea of having this baby that he forgot a few of the "fun" details that are part of the joy package! Hehe, the next year is going to be soooo interesting as we venture into this unchartered baby territory!

I have decided on a theme for the nursery, but for now, it's a secret! I will reveal more in the upcoming weeks as the plans are finalized. I've been in conversation with a local artist about coming in and doing a mural on one of the walls... and it's going to be pretty special!!!

My prayer for this week:

Dear Lord, this week I pray for my baby's brain development. I pray that my baby will develop a healthy, intelligent brain. And because Your Word says, "Whatever you ask in My name, I will do," I ask confidently, in faith. I also ask that You will bless my baby with an excellent memory.  Psalm 119:11 says, "Your word have I hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You." I believe it is Your will to hide Your Word in our hearts, and I ask that for my child. I pray that Bible verses will come to his or her memory quickly in times of need. I thank You for Your promise of giving us peace, so I don't have to worry about something being wrong with my baby. I declare the power of Your Word and Your Holy Spirit to come to pass. May my baby's brain develop just as it should, and may my child be blessed with a strong mind, to be used for Your glory. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

10 Weeks Down, 30 to Go!

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