Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wake me up in the second trimester, K?

I cannot convey to you how tired I am these days. *YAWNS*  I finished my 11th week of pregnancy on Monday and I've started my 12th week! In two weeks, I'll be entering the second trimester of my pregnancy. Time is flying by... perhaps because I'm sleeping so much?! Yesterday when I got home from work, I had the most amazing, wonderful nap of my entire life. Today at work, I knew my day was coming to an end because I felt my eyes growing heavier and heavier. By 3:00 (the end of my work day), I'm struggling to muster up the energy to walk out to my car to go home. Tonight, I'm thinking a bedtime of 8:30 sounds heavenly.

They say that no two pregnancies are alike. I have a few friends who are pregnant and I'm reading more than my share of pregnancy books these days, and everyone seems to experience pregnancy differently in their own way. Until now, nausea has been an occasional annoyance, choosing to randomly grace me with its presence from time to time (usually when I would go a long time without eating a snack/meal)... and usually, all I would have to do is eat a little something in order for my stomach to feel better. However, yesterday and today have been a completely different story. I've had a nagging nausea all day long. And when I have tried to eat a little something to make myself feel better, I end up feeling worse. I'm hoping that my Baby isn't deciding to start making me feel sick now when I'm so close to the end of my first trimester... if anything, I'm supposed to be regaining my energy and feeling better than ever...not taking steps backwards!

Now that I'm in my 12th week, my uterus is about the size of a softball and the baby is comparable in size to a lime. I haven't gained any weight during my pregnancy (I've lost a few pounds, to be completely honest), yet my waist is getting thicker and my pants are becoming more and more difficult to button. THANK GOD for the rubber band trick! I'm still able to wear my regular work trousers and jeans, thanks to this helpful little tip that adds an extra inch or so to the waist.

I'm also starting to get the teeniest-tiniest bump in my lower abdomen. When I touch my lower stomach, I can feel something hard right above my pubic bone... and I'm guessing it's my uterus saying, "Hello!"  I will post pictures later this week (planned to take pictures today, but the exhaustion/fatigue has won the battle.) I found a cute pregnancy cartoon today... and while I'm nowhere near this "pregnant" yet, I thought it was funny and wanted to share it with you.

~Click on the cartoon to see full-size image~

I'll be back later in the week with my weekly pictures! Thanks everyone for your prayers for my cold/bronchitis/asthma --- I'm finally starting to feel better after six rough weeks of being "sickly."

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