Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby!

There has been lots of icy weather over the past couple of days. While it's freezing cold outside, the joy that's in my heart because of the miracle God has given to Jason and I has kept me plenty warm :)

I am so anxious to hold this baby in my arms for the first time. However there are times when negative thoughts creep into my mind and cause me to worry, worry, worry. Over the last two days, I've found that anytime I start to worry about the baby or this pregnancy, I start praying to God and cover my prayers in the Blood of Jesus. I've also started playing worship music to keep my mind on the good that God is manifesting in me right this very moment. When I did my devotions this morning, I read my Bible out loud so that even though the baby cannot hear what I'm saying quite yet, God can still use my words to create in my baby a love for Him. I'm confident that through lots of prayer, reading the Bible with my baby, and listening to songs of praise, my baby will grow and develop according to God's plan. I hope the baby has a love for worship music like his/her Momma :) ...Although, Jason is convinced that the baby will like 80's music, and that would be okay too.

Exciting news today: My Master's Degree came in the mail today! It's official. After the hard work, countless hours writing papers, balancing student teaching, and thousand of dollars spent on courses... I have a Master of Arts in Teaching degree. While I am so excited to have accomplished this goal, I can't help but think about the even greater calling that God has placed on my life right now to be a mother. I did have to laugh to myself when I opened my degree though... The whole way through my master's degree coursework when someone would ask when we were going to start a family, I would say "My goal is to finish my master's degree first and then we'll see what happens." ...And sure enough, I finished my degree and we are starting a family! We definitely didn't plan for it to happen so soon, but God is in control and He knows what He's doing! We are just so tickled to be experiencing such a huge blessing in our lives right now.

I started my seventh week of pregnancy on Monday!

6 Weeks Down, 34 Weeks to Go


My bedside reading materials right now!
Click to get a closer look at my degree.

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