Monday, July 11, 2011

Autour De La Maison

Autour De La Maison, literally translated, means Around the House. I'm going to *try* to post weekly or biweekly with some photographs that provide you with a little window into the Caudill world. Here are several snapshots from around our home over the last week:

One flower box full of the petunias and lobelia plants that I planted last weekend!

The walkway and additional flower beds my Hubby has been working on for me!

Mmmm... Lots of beautiful "Medium-Well" memories are made from this grill.

A view through the palm plants of my bouquet from Melody's wedding (hanging out to dry).

From my perennial flower bed. Love those "fuzzy" heads!

Until next time... XOXOX

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  1. great photos, kristen! the landscaping your hubby did is awesome.