Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: The Year in Review

Year of 2011

-Mourned the loss of Nanny on 1/7/11, but rejoicing for the healing she received in its entirety as she crossed the bridge into eternity with her Lord and Savior. I can't imagine how awesome her days are as she worships with the angels. I miss her dearly, but I know for sure that she wouldn't want to come back to this life. And she wouldn't want us to be sad for her. I'll see her again one day :)

-Almost passed out upon watching the pregnancy test blink the word "PREGNANT" back at my unbelieving eyes on 1/24/11. Hugged and cried with my Hubby in our kitchen when I gave him the news.

-Was hired by Washington County Public Schools for a temporary position through the end of the 2010-2011 school year as an ELL Paraprofessional. I started this new position of traveling between three elementary schools in Washington County to work with ELL students in the first week of February 2011.

-Mourned the loss of my Pappy on 3/11/11. Just over two months after Nanny's passing, Pappy went on to join her in eternity. I can only imagine the rejoicing that took place at their reunion in Heaven. Thank God he's no longer suffering with COPD. As the anniversaries of their passing creep upon us, it's easy to be filled with sadness... but I know they wouldn't want us to grieve. Just trying to remember all of the special memories we made with them through the years.
-Lost my first baby on 3/17/11. My heart is still broken, but I know that my little one is being spoiled in Heaven by those of our family who have gone before us. I can't wait to get to Heaven to hold them in my arms!

-Started an exercise regimen of walking and began losing weight in April. 
-Walked across the stage at my graduation ceremony for my master's degree on 5/15. What an accomplishment, and what a relief to be finished that level of my education. 

-Was hired into my dream job less than 24 hours after interviewing at Pangborn Elementary School ten days after graduation on 5/25.

-Celebrated our sixth dating anniversary on Memorial Day Weekend. Feels like just yesterday we met in 2005.

-Started a summer job making $25 an hour, setting my own schedule in June. I worked in the homes of children with emotional problems. Some babysitting combined with goal setting and behavior modification... perfect summer job!

-Spent several gloriously lazy days lounging at Mom and Dad's new pool throughout the summer. The sunshine was therapeutic.

-Fluffed my best friend's wedding gown on her big day on June 25th.

-Turned 27 on July 24th.

-Spent three days at the beach with my Mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law in August. Many laughs, many memories. 

-Started the school year at the end of August as a second grade teacher. Spent numerous late nights in my classroom getting everything ready for the following day.

-Celebrated my husband's 36th birthday on 10/15.

-Enjoyed dinner and a movie to celebrate our third wedding anniversary on 10/18.

-Dropped to my knees in prayer for my mother-in-law after a fairly routine surgical procedure became the catalyst for several severe complications. (November 2nd - December 24). THANK GOD, He brought her through and she was able to be home with us Christmas Day.

It's been a long, trying year. Praising God for His faithfulness through it all.

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