Friday, April 1, 2011


The Numbers Game:

15 - Number of days since losing my baby.
14 - Number of pounds I've lost.
11 - Number of family members and friends who are pregnant or just had a baby within the last two months.
10 - Number of people who have been in my shoes who have reached out to me.
9 - Number of times I've almost lost my composure in public because I overhear people complaining about their pregnancies or children. I'd give anything to be in their shoes.
5 - Number of days I haven't cried on the way to/home from work.
3 - Number of close family members, including my baby, that I've lost since January.
1 - Number of holes in my heart (and it's a really big one).
0 - Number of days I haven't woken up and absentmindedly touched my belly, expecting to feel a baby bump.

...But who's counting?

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