Wednesday, August 3, 2011

50 Things

50 Things I Love About My Mom

1. The way she loves her family.

2. Her smile.

3. Her laugh.

4. Her eyes. Everyone tells me I have her eyes.

5. Her gentleness.

6. Her uncanny ability to establish peace.

7. Her love for entertaining others - she's quite the hostess!

8. The way we both show up to church wearing the same colors/jewelry.

9. Her strong faith.

10. The way she "flits" from one thing to another... I get my "flitting" ways honest!

11. Her ability to always be prepared. You should see how she packs!

12. The way she quit her job when I was 9 months old to do home daycare so that she could stay home with me.

13. The way she disciplined me as a child.

14. The way she has helped to shape me into the woman I am.

15. Her love for my Daddy.

16. The way she will take Dad a glass of ice cold sweet tea when he's sweating away outside in the heat doing yardwork.

17. Her passionate worship.

18. Her love for the mountains.

19. Her love for the beach.

20. The fact that she's a prayer warrior. She prays for me everyday.

21. The way she cared for Nanny and Pappy as they ended their journey on Earth.

22. Her patience.

23. The way she describes herself as a little girl at heart.

24. The memories that she made with KL and I when we were growing up. Like baking sugar cookies under a leaky roof - LOL.

25. The way she and Daddy were always at every sports game and band performance, cheering my brother and I on from the top of her lungs.

26. Her ability to be a good friend to others.

27. The way she has become stronger through all of the trials she has faced.

28. Her extraordinary ability to feel compassion and mercy for others.

29. The way she still holds me when I need to cry, no matter how 'big' I am.

30. The way she squealed with delight in January with the news of a grandbaby.

31. How she held my hand as I received the worst news any mother could be given.

32. The way she let me grieve and how she grieved with me. There were no fake smiles for the sake of trying to gain normalcy.

33. The way she looks forward to having grandchildren.

34. How she can be trusted with secrets.

35. Her funny baby-talk way of talking to her puppy, BoBo.

36. The way she lights up a room with her smile.

37. The fact that she has to start her day with coffee. Always.

38. Her ability to write.

39. Her intense desire to make others happy.

40. Her ability to cook.

41. How her house smells.

42. The way she listens.

43. Her natural ability to make friends with the elderly.

44. The way she looks for signs from Heaven in nature.

45. Her appreciation for flowers, butterflies, and birds.

46. Her close connection with her siblings.

47. How she encourages others. Self included.

48. The way she offers to bring food when I'm sick.

49. Her goofy sense of humor when we're together.

50. Her ability to be my Mom and best friend at the same time.

I love you, Momma. Happy Birthday!

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